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Local Roots Guide

The SLV Local Roots Guide 2nd edition is a resource guide of locally grown food in the six counties of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado that is sold locally.

valley ranchers  The green star icon indicates that the landowners have protected their land with a conservation easement, conserving the land and water for the future of local foods, wildlife habitat and the scenic landscapes of the San Luis Valley.

 The numbered squares locate those farms and ranches in this Buy Local directory listing who welcome your visit to their place. Please look for the corresponding number in the listing and match it to the Producer's Location Map.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture allows individuals and families to buy a share of the Farmer's Harvest at the beginning of the season. It is a way to nourish farmers economically while providing a weekly box of farm fresh goodies to the CSA Member throughout the growing season.

ALAMOSA COUNTY - Alamosa, Hooper, Mosca

Brown's Ranch
alfalfa, beef, boer goats, lamb

Natural Boer goats, lamb and beef. Small bales of alfalfa available. Call the ranch.

Contact: Mark Brown
Phone: 719-588-1551
Location Map
Visit Us! - 4469 N. County Road 109, Mosca

Cochran Ranch

Grain or grass finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef available throughout the year in wholes, halves and quarters on this 75 year old family ranch. Call or come by the ranch to purchase beef.

Contact: Chad Cochran
Phone: 719-480-2096
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - 0521 E Road, Monte Vista
1.25 miles South of Monte Vista

Colorado Gators
fish, vegetables

An 87° geothermal well creates "an integrated ecosystem" providing fresh tilapia fish and farm goods and real educational fun while making full use of natural and recycled resources.

Contact: Erwin & Lynne Young
Phone: 719-378-2612
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - 9162 County Road 9 N, Mosca
17 miles north of Alamosa on Hwy 17
Open daily

Colorado Malting Company
barley malt, wheat malt

In 1994 "Cody's Daiiry" changed from a dairy farm to specialize only in the crops that used to be grown for feed for dairy cows. We now grow barely and wheat and put it through the malting process. Teamed up with talented brewers and masters, we truly have something very special in the Valley.

Contact: Duane or Jason Cody
Phone: 719-580-0051
Visit Website - Email

Allison Cruse Vegetable CSA

Each week of the growing season I send out an email with what is available in the box that week and how much it is, and my customers get back to me with their order. One pick-up day a week at my house.

Contact: Allison Cruse
Phone: 719-589-2911

DMS Poultry
chickens, ducks, turkey

Live Araucana, White Rock Chickens, Royal Palm, Bourbon Red, Black Spanish, Wild Eastern, Bronze, Standard & White Turkeys, and Great Peking Ducks. All 6-8 weeks or older. Will also deliver in Alamosa or meet customers at prearranged locations to deliver.

Contact: Marcia Klasing
Phone: 719-298-0279

Antonio Garcia

Organic garlic and spinach.

Contact: Antonio Garcia
Phone: 719-589-8381
Visit Us! - 1400 Ross Avenue, Alamosa

Harr Limousin
boer goats

High protein, low fat, tasty goat meat. Call ranch for more information.

Contact: John Harr
Phone: 719-589-3372 or 719-588-2539

Jack's Farm
calabacitas, squash

Heirloom calabacitas.

Location Map
Visit Us! - 6491 Hwy 17, Alamosa

Jones Farms Organics
hay, potatoes, wheat

Third generation farmers raising Certified Organic potatoes and wheat. Call for information.

Contact: Rob & Beth Jones
Phone: 719-588-4499 or 719-378-2299
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - 11221 E. County Road 110 N, Hooper

KW Farms

John and Trudy raise USDA Certified Organic grass-fed beef. No grains, no harmones, no antibiotics. As John says, "We love the cows, nothing else we do is as much fun." Call for information and to purchase beef.

Contact: John & Trudy Kretsinger
Phone: 719-589-0429

Lenore's Speltlicious Cookies
baked goods, cookies

Delicious spelt cookies made locally of healthy ingredients. Available at local stores or call to order. Enjoy!

Contact: Lenore Reinhart
Phone: 719-588-9329

Rancho Tierra Rico
eggs, vegetables

Eggs from happy, healthy, loved chickens. Fresh veggies during the growing season.

Contact: Morgan Velasquez
Phone: 719-588-3875

Sea of S.A.G.E.
Stabilized Agro Environments
dairy goats, vegetables

Year-round vegetable growing in passive solar greenhouses, greenhouse design and construction. Sometimes dairy goats for sale. A limited Partnership Association.

Contact: Friend Darr, Managing Partner
Phone: 719-486-6326
Location Map
Visit Us! - 998 County Road 112 S, Alamosa

Simply Honey
beeswax, honey

As a 6th generation migratory beekeeper, Brent harvests honey, beeswax, sells bees and provides pollination services. Available in local stores or call.

Contact: Brent Edelen
Phone: 719-850-0255
Visit Website - Email

Leonard Snow
beef, eggs, pork, poultry, quail

A menagerie of lambs, ducks, turkeys, chickens, eggs and sometimes quail. Leonard will even raise a pig or beef at request. All animals are antibiotic free and pasture fed. Homemade white or wheat dinner rolls available.

Contact: Leonard Snow
Phone: 719-580-6614

Valley Pheasants
eggs, poultry, turkey

Turkeys and eggs naturally raised on the pasture to increase omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A&D.

Contact: Cathy Morin
Phone: 719-580-8197

White Mountain Farm
grains, quinoa, potatoes, vegetables

Certified organic quinoa and potatoes, and organically grown garden produce in the summer. Call for availability or stop by the Mosca Pit Stop.

Contact: Paul & Ernie New
Phone: 719-378-2436 or 800-364-3019
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - Mosca Pit Stop, Hwy 17, Mosca

CONEJOS COUNTY - Antonito, La Jara, Manassa, Romeo, Sanford

Archers' Valley Farms

Raising well-loved lambs on pasture. All natural, antibiotic and harmone free. Call or stop by the Alamosa Farmer's Market.

Contact: Jamey Archer
Phone: 719-580-1484 or 719-580-1317

Cactus Hill Farm
alfalfa, beef, corn, hay, hops, lamb, pork, poultry

Natural grown hops and sweet corn, beef, pork, lamb and poultry available. Also weed-free hay. Hops sold to local microbreweries. Will sell to home brewers. Call or email farm for information.

Contact: Alan & Elena Miller
Phone: 719-849-9164 or 719-274-4078
Visit Us! - 20758 County Road 10, LaJara

El Sagrado Farm
lamb, sheep, wool

Registered Navajo-Churro sheep; Breeding Stock, Organic Raw Wool, and Organic Lamb sold whole or half. Our farm is off the grid and has been USDA certified organic since 1996. We use horses and run our tractor on biodiesel to farm all the pasture, hay and grains we feed to our animals. We think all the time about the sustainability of our farm and our lives, and we are thankful to be farmers in the SLV. Farm tours available by appointment.

Contact: Karen & Colin Henderson
Phone: 719-274-0293

Steve and Theresa Medina
chicos, corn, garlic, vegetables

Steve and Theresa grow corn for chicos, a traditional way to preserve corn. They also raise purple skinned garlic. All produce is lovingly tended and organically grown. Call to purchase or stop by the Valley Food Co-op in Alamosa.

Contact: Steve & Theresa Medina
Phone: 719-274-4042

Nitschka Ter Kuile & Steve Miller
beef, goats, vegetables

Honoring the relationship between goats, good soil and healthy produce, Nitschka and Steve have organically grown fresh produce, goats and grass-fed beef for butchering, bred heifers, and other products. Call or email for details.

Contact: Nitschka ter Kuile & Steve
Phone: 719-588-6621

Shane Mortensen
alfalfa, beef, eggs, hay, poultry

Natural, grass-fed beef sold live weight, no harmones, occasionally use antibiotics. Eggs from free range chickens. Call or email for availability.

Contact: Shane Mortensen
Phone: 719-274-5586 or 719-480-2838

R-N-S Kuntry Greenhouse
flowers, herbs, plants, vegetables

Naturally and locally grown without chemicals. A variety of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and flower baskets in season. Call or visit the farm.

Contact: Raymond or Sarah Gingerich
Phone: 719-843-9535

Salazar Natural Meats
beef, jerky, pork, summer sausage

Natural grass-fed and organic beef raised with sustainability in mind. Beef jerky and summer sausage. Beef sold by whole, half or quarters, online and in local stores. Also pasteurized pork.

Contact: Lucas Salazar
Phone: 719-580-5264
Visit Website - Email

Sharp Iron Farm
beef, eggs, poultry, vegetables

A small farm promoting animal contentment and environmental stewardship and producing pasture raised beef, eggs, and broilers from pasture raised chickens and organically grown tomatoes.

Contact: Greg & Dianne Johnson
Phone: 719-214-0222 or 719-557-1580
Visit Website - Email

Lionel & Michelle Valdez

Range fed lamb "on the hoof" or delivered for packing. Herd returns from the mountains in mid-September. Place order by September 1st.

Contact: Lionel & Michelle Valdez
Phone: 719-274-5822

COSTILLA COUNTY - Blanca, Chama, Fort Garland, San Luis

Quintana Farm
eggs, chickens, dairy, goats, lamb, pork, poultry, vegetables

Embracing a deep reverence for land and animal, the Quintanas grow veggies and raise sheep, pigs, and eggs. Find us at various Farmers' Markets, through Rio Culebra Cooperative or call us.

Contact: Arturo & Suzanne Quintana
Phone: 719-588-8732 or 719-672-0316

Rio Culebra Agricultural Cooperative, Inc.
beans, beef, chicos

Frozen grass-fed beef raised without harmones, antibiotics or corn, and butchered less than one year old. Beef is tender and delicious. Also heirloom products, Chicos del Horno (white corn cooked in an horno and dried), Bolita Beans unique to the San Luis Valley, and Haba Beans (dried lava beans). Next year we will also be selling alberjon maduro (dried ripened peas).

Contact: Juanita Malouff Dominguez, Eunice Bernal or Bernadette Lucero
Phone: 719-672-0329
Visit Website - Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 401 Church Place, San Luis

Ute Mountain Ranch
baked goods, beef, compost, soil

Home to Heaven Scent Bread & West's Best Beef & West's Best Soil Compost. The heart of a family farm thriving, as Kelly West says, "in culture of gratitude". Find Kelly's artisanal bread at the Valley Food Co-op, in White Mountain Farm food baskets and the Taos Farmer's Market. Call or email to order our grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef.

Contact: Kelly & David West
Phone: 719-672-4404
Visit Website - Email

Valdez Farm
beans, corn, peas, vegetables

Arnie was born and raised in Costilla County and is an heir to the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant. He is a participant in the Cerro Acequia, which waters his crops of garden peas, fava beans, bolita beans, white corn and white peas. Produce will be available on farm and some distribution.

Contact: Arnie Valdez
Phone: 719-672-3678
Visit Us! - 20153 County Road P6, 1.5 miles east of San Luis

RIO GRANDE COUNTY - Center, Del Norte, Monte Vista, South Fork

Almonson Farm

High quality, grass-fed certified organic beef. Call to purchase.

Contact: Adam or Anke Almonson
Phone: 719-480-1709 or 719-480-4289

Catlin's Greenhouse
plants, vegetables

Growing a wide variety of seedlings for Spring and delicious veggies available through the Summer.

Contact: Larry & Joyce Catlin and Brad & Lori Catlin
Phone: 719-852-2140
Location Map
Visit Us! - 1514 S. County Road 4 E, Monte Vista. Stop on by, east of Monte Vista on Hwy 160

Corset Ranch

A Colorado Centennial Ranch raising natural grass-fed and finished beef on the Rio Grande. Grown with love and respect for cow and earth on lush river-fed pastures. Call for availability.

Contact: David & Nemonie Colville
Phone: 719-657-4684

Diamond F Brand Beef from McNeil Ranch  

This Colorado Centennial Farm produces USDA certified grass-fed and finished, harmone and antibiotic free beef with tender loving care. We also have handmade burritos and tamales featuring our grass finished beef.

Contact: Mike & Cathy McNeil
Phone: 719-852-2458
Visit Website
Visit Us! - Farm store 4 miles south of Monte Vista on Hwy 15

Flying Eagle Bison Ranch
bison, buffalo

USDA bison, naturally ranch raised, with no antibiotics or growth harmones, fed grass alfalfa hay and culled potatoes.

Contact: Val Dilley
Phone: 719-251-1176
Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 12285 Highway 112, Del Norte

Gosar Ranch Natural Food
sausage, whole wheat flour

Producing 100% stone ground, high protien whole-wheat Mountaion Mama brand flour, freshly milled to order since 1977 using locally grown bread and pastry wheats, transitional or certified when available. Also, sixth generation producers of gourmet European-style sausage, hand-made in pork or chicken, USDA inspected daily, avaiable in most regional, independent food stores and many restaurants.

Contact: Kris, Greg, Klayton or Suzanne
Phone: 719-852-2133, 719-580-5096 or 480-789-3159

Grand Island Bison
bison, buffalo

A happy herd of buffalo, wandering the pastures from birth to harvest producing delicious harmone-free lean meat. Wholes, halves, quarters available.

Contact: Kevin Off
Phone: 719-657-3439

Haefeli's Honey

The Haefeli family are 5th generation beekeepers, caring for bees and producing honey in the San Luis Valley since 1907. Haefeli's produce around 350 barrels of honey in Colorado a year as well as pollinating crops in the San Luis Valley, Texas, and California.

Contact: Laura Haefeli
Phone: 719-657-2044
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - Haefeli's Honey store in downtown Del Norte

Cynthia & LaVern Hart
chickens, poultry, vegetables

A thoughtful homestead with bounty to share - chickens, a garden and a cow. Call in the Spring for the years' offerings.

Contact: Cynthia & LaVern Hart
Phone: 719-852-3032

LazEwe 2 Bar Goat Dairy  
cheese, milk shares

A family ranch since 1878, LazEwe produces artisan goat cheeses in many gourmet flavors from their lovely goat herd. Milk shares also available.

Contact: Jenny Knoblauch
Phone: 719-850-9914
Visit Website - Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 10530 County Road 15, Del Norte. It is best to call first.

Miller Family Bakery
baked goods, breads, cookies, pies, pastry

Fresh baked pies, breads, cookies, pastries. Find us at the Alamosa, Monte Vista, and Del Norte Farmers' Markets or come by our store, open Thursdays and Fridays only 8am-5pm through summer months.

Contact: Eddie or Laura Miller
Phone: 719-852-0967
Location Map
Visit Us! - 10 miles south of Monte Vista at the corner of Hwys 15 and 370

Off Family Ranch

A Colorado Centennial farm raising grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and harmone-free natural beef on the lush green pastures next to the Rio Grande.

Contact: David Off
Phone: 719-580-2387
Visit Website - Email

P & L Farm
hay, rabbits

Fryer or live rabbits available. Call for availability of hay.

Contact: Pete & Leah Clark
Phone: 719-849-8223, 719-852-5625 or 719-850-2720

Rio Grande Dairy & Creamery
eggs, cow & goat shares, goat meat

Cow Shares, Goat Shares, Goat Meat and Eggs. Planning to add more items in the future.

Contact: Mollie Wells
Phone: 719-850-0549
Visit Website - Email

Shady Corner Delight
jam, jelly

Homemade jams and jellies. Find them at the local Farmers' Market.

Contact: Rachel Nissley
Phone: 719-852-0223
Location Map
Visit Us! - On the corner of 370 and 5 East, south of Monte Vista

Sol Mountain Farm
eggs, vegetables

A permaculture based, small scale organic farm, Sol Mountain produces top quality vegetables and eggs. CSA memberships for the 2015 season are now available, call for more information.

Contact: Michele Ostrander
Phone: 303-518-6668

Three Barrel Brewing Company
artisan crafted brews, brewery

Artisan crafted brews produced from San Luis Valley grown malt, hops, honey and fresh mountain water. Found in many local establishments or call for direct sales.

Contact: John Bricker
Phone: 719-657-0681 or 719-850-1949
Visit Website

Two Creek Ranches
beef, churro sheep, eggs, hides

All natural, no antibiotics, no harmones. Churro Sheep, Beef and Hides. Eggs from free range chickens.

Contact: John Noffsker
Phone: 719-649-0397 or 719-852-5460
Visit Website - Email

Warbonnet Ranch
beef, herbs, vegetables

Lean Grass-fed and Grass-finished Natural Longhorn Beef. Contact the ranch. In Summer we will also be doing the Del Norte Farmers' Market with fresh veggies from the garden, an assortment of herbs, and our beef.

Contact: Paul Littlechief or Karen Bonnie
Phone: 719-657-0286

Worley Seed

Carl Worley started growing potatoes in 1945 for a 4H project and never stopped. He grows a variety of fresh potatoes.

Contact: Carl Worley
Phone: 719-852-4097
Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - Hi-Land Potato Company at 2468 E. County Road 6 N, Monte Vista

Ab Yoder

Fresh veggies grown on our farm with tender loving care in a natural environment.

Contact: Ab Yoder
Phone: 719-852-2117

SAGUACHE COUNTY - Bonanza, Center, Crestone, La Garita, Moffat, Saguache, Villa Grove, Sargeants

Bartee Ranch

Natural harmone-free beef on the hoof, homegrown on the Bartee's Ranch straight to your kitchen. Call for information and to purchase beef.

Contact: Deanna Bartee
Phone: 719-754-2175

Blue Range Ranch

Certified Organic grass-fed beef available year round. Call for information and to purchase beef.

Contact: George Whitten or Julie Sullivan
Phone: 719-655-2003
Visit Website

Chokecherry Farm
baked goods, csa, eggs, poultry, vegetables

A homestead CSA, growing a bountiful garden, pasteurized chickens and eggs, artisan bread and more. Featuring gourmet farm-to-table dinners. Call for details.

Contact: Alycia & Nick Chambers
Phone: 719-256-5572
Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 459 Alder St. in the town of Crestone. It is best to call first.

Cho Ku Rei Ranch
eggs, compost, poultry, vegetables, yak

Raising vegetables, free-range brown eggs, and Tibetan Yak utilizing the Ranch's natural resources as well as a 6500 sq. ft. greenhouse supported by alternative energy. Offering organic compost for sale. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Contact: Kyle Grote
Phone: 719-256-4599
Visit Website - Email

Green Earth Farm
csa, barley, herbs, potatoes, vegetables

Green Earth Farm is a Colorado Certified Organic farm growing gourmet potatoes and barely, a lush vegetable garden for CSA membership and various SLV Farmers' Markets as well as a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, herbal tinctures, and natural body care products.

Contact: Tom & Lillian McCracken
Phone: 719-655-2655 or 877-674-3276
Visit Website - Location Map
Visit Us! - Give us a call first to come visit our Saguache, CO farm

Haugen's Mountain Lamb

USDA inspected, raised on natural forage, antibiotic, harmone, and pesticide free lamb. Raised by Sherry, a 5th generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. Call for a farm tour and to purchase lamb.

Contact: Sherry Haugan
Phone: 719-754-2176
Visit Website - Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 45995 County Road J, Center
From 285 south of Saguache, turn west onto CR J, go 1 mile and look for the sign.

P & H Enterprises
pigs, pork

Feeder pigs and pigs for butcher. Call or email for information.

Contact: Tristram Post or Larry Duran
Phone: 719-580-5441

Red Starr Microfarm
chickens, dairy goats, organic gardens

Crestone Colorado. Chickens, Dairy Goats and Organic Gardens.

Contact: Lynette & Scott Tieder
Phone: 719-256-5879

Rocky Farm
potatoes, certified seed potatoes

Stop by the farm for fresh taters.

Contact: Sheldon or Brendon Rockey
Phone: 719-754-3744
Location Map
Visit Us! - 48284 County Road C, Center
1.5 miles east on Road C north of Center on Hwy 285.

The Sauder Family Farm
cowshares, eggs, vegetables

Cowshares. Fresh farm eggs. Fresh produce during the Summer at the farm and at Del Norte Farmers' Market.

Contact: Marlin Sauder
Phone: 719-754-0542 or 719-480-1851
Email - Location Map
Visit Us! - 9100 County Road 45, Center, CO 81125

Sundance Farms
eggs, rabbits, poultry, vegetables

Small scale farming at its best, offering rabbits, eggs, and fresh garden produce. Call to arrange for pick-up in Moffat, CO.

Contact: Melinda Myers
Phone: 719-256-4773

"Eating is an Agricultural Act." - Wendell Berry

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