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SLV Local Foods Coalition History

The San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition formed its roots back in 2008 when Alamosa Garden Coordinator Melissa Emminger went to the Community Food Security Conference in Philadelphia on a LiveWell scholarship with a promise to return to the community and share what she had learned.

ripe harvest15 folks were expected at the local food potluck. When over 50 people swelled the room and stayed long after the presentation was over —abuzz with conversation— it became apparent that the community was ripe for a new food story. People yearn to recapture a connection that SLV residents have had historically with the seed, the dirt, the farmer, the animal, and the story of where and how their food is grown.

The grassroots food movement in the San Luis Valley has been thriving ever since that 2008 presentation. Now in its fifth year of collaborative community work, the Coalition has stepped up to become its own non-profit, dedicated to creating a sustainable local foods system that is accessible and affordable to SLV families.

The SLV Local Foods Coalition operates the Farmers' Market, the Healthy Habits program promoting consumption of fruits and veggies, sponsors the Cooking Matters Program™ offering educational films along with speakers and events to the public, participates in policy development that affects the production and distribution of local foods and is working to create a regional food hub, and has produced the 2nd Edition of the Local Roots guide in an effort to connect consumers with the good food of the San Luis Valley.

We are thankful for the many visionary and hard working partners this Coalition represents!

"Eating is an Agricultural Act." - Wendell Berry

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san luis valley

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san luis valley
san luis valley alamosa colorado

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