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“On the following pages, you will meet the farmers and ranchers who are growing locally and making their abundance available to the good people of the San Luis Valley and beyond. . .

This guide is dedicated to those who till the earth and tend the animals: to those who grow their own food and to those who grow it for others. Thank you for the bountiful harvest.”

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San Luis Valley Brewing Company & The ROAST Cafe Restaurant, Brewery & Roastery featuring a full menu highlighting local products. Craft beers, coffee, espresso, and sodas made on premise. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and a brewery tour. Menu's feature Gosar Sausages, Rakhra Mushrooms, Salazar Organic Beef, Simply Honey, local Quinoa, local potatoes, and barley & wheat from Colorado Malting Company and Proximity Malt. Restaurant, Brewery, Coffee Scott 631 Main St., Alamosa (719) 587-2337 11:30am-9:30pm http://www.slvbrewco.com http://www.slvroast.com Alamosa Alamosa
Windsor Hotel & Restaurant Locally and seasonally driven casual and fine dining. Restaurant Kodi 605 Grande Ave., Del Norte (719) 657-9031 Lunch and dinner daily, call for current hours http://www.windsorhoteldelnorte.com Rio Grande Del Norte
Colorado Gator Farm An 87” geothermal well creates “an integrated ecosystem”providing fresh tilapia fish and farm goods and real educational fun while making full use of natural and recycled resources. Tilapia, Fish, Veggies Jay Young 9162 County Rd. 9 N (719) 378-2612 Spring and Fall 9am-5pm, Summer 9am-6pm, Winter 10am-4pm http://www.coloradogators.com Agritourism, Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices Alamosa Mosca
Colorado Mushroom Farm Producing fresh White, Crimini, Portabella mushrooms in the San Luis Valley. Production of fresh daily picked mushrooms in a 365 day/year operation. Employing 120 local people year round. We produce our own compost from by-products of other commodities including wheat straw, chicken waste, gypsum, cotton seed meal, peat moss, and sugar beet lime to produce our fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms 10719 County Rd. 5 S M-F 8-5 www.rakhramushroom.com/ Agritourism, Vendor to VRFH Alamosa Alamosa
Delicias del Eden Organic Farm Nos dedicamos a lo que mas nos gusta hacer, cultivar alimentos sanos y a hacer crecer nuestro huerto. Los alimentos organicos reciben un minimo de procesamiento para mantener la integridad de los mismos sin ingredientes o conservadores artificales. Motivados por siempre llevar a su mesa productos frescos en cada temporada. Veggies Mayanin Saenz Rio Grande Farm Park (719) 580-6980 Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Alamosa Alamosa
Flores Farm I grow food on the fertile land of the Rio Grande using regenerative, organic techniques. I am a small-scale farmer who also serves as the Rio Grande Farm Park manager. Find me at the Rio Grande Farm Park, where I spend most of my time during the growing months. Veggies Jesus Flores Rio Grande Farm Park (719)960-8699 Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Organic Practices, Regenerative, Vendor to VRFH Alamosa Alamosa
Fransen Family Farm Fransen Family Farms is a third generation small family farm. We pride ourselves on our quality products which range from pasture raised yak meat, free range chicken eggs, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We hold a strong love of farm life and love to share that with others. Yak, Meat, Eggs Keri Fransen 2939 Rd 10 S (719) 480-3411 Mon-Sat 8am-4pm http://www.fransenfamilyfarms.weebly.com Agritourism, Humane Animal Treatment, Regenerative, Vendor to VRFH Alamosa Alamosa
Green Acres Hemp Farm Industrial hemp farm exploring beneficial uses of hemp for the community. CBD- infused olive oil supplements; MCT-infused oils; lotions; lip balms. Hemp, CBD Products Jim and Lisa Strang 6344 County Rd.116 S (719) 206-4367 8 am - 8 pm Daily http://www.greenacreshempfarm.com Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Regenerative Alamosa Alamosa
I Choose Family Farm We are a local family owned and operated farm where we believe that in order to make a difference we must learn to grow and be sustained from the land. We want to educate and bring fresh and healthy produce to our community while promoting ourselves as local producers who want to make an impact. Here at ICFF we want to help change the way people view and eat healthy produce that is coming from their local community and how they themselves can change the food movement. Veggies Jason, Paloma, Rohni, and Cruz Mestas 13110 Rd. 13.7 S (719) 480-2112 9-5 Daily http://www.facebook.com/ichoosefamilyfarm/ Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Alamosa Alamosa
InfiniTea Farm InfiniTea Farm specializes in the cultivation of herbs for herbal tea blends, specialty greens, and also raises and trains doves for event services. InfiniTea Farm has been growing at the Rio Grande Farm Park for over 4 years, using organic practices, as well as the micro-farming of herbs on a private acre for perennials, with permaculture values. We use compost from our birds and rabbits to enrich the soil, and natural mulching to preserve water and grow many drought tolerant plants. Herbal Tea Blends and Medicinal Teas, Culinary Herbs, Greens, and Veggies CaRi ConaRi Rio Grande Farm Park (720) 238-3192 http://www.infiniteafarm.com Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Alamosa Alamosa