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“On the following pages, you will meet the farmers and ranchers who are growing locally and making their abundance available to the good people of the San Luis Valley and beyond. . .

This guide is dedicated to those who till the earth and tend the animals: to those who grow their own food and to those who grow it for others. Thank you for the bountiful harvest.”

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Laz Ewe 2 Bar Goat Dairy Laz Ewe 2 Bar Goat Dairy and Knoblauch Ranch are a Colorado Centennial Ranch producing farmstead goat and cow cheeses. The Laz Ewe has partnered with 2RT Produce to raise grass-fed Scottish Highlander Beef using sustainable land management practices and is located between Del Norte and South Fork. The ranch pastures are managed without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides. The animals graze the irrigated fields during the late spring and summer. During the winter, the goats are sheltered and fed ranch raised hay and the Scotties pasture in the meadows. The fifth generation Knoblauch Family raises steroid, hormone and antibiotic free animals on the ranch where the dairy is located. Laz Ewe is well-known for Chevre and Feta goat cheeses and Gouda, Havarti and seasonally Parmesan and Edam cow cheeses that are available in many stores across the Valley, the state of Colorado and south to New Mexico. Cow Cheeses, Grass-fed Scottish Highlander Beef, RT Produce Jenny Knoblach 10530 County Rd. 15, Del Norte (719) 850-9914 Open year-round, call before visiting Web: lazewe2rt.com for online ordering lazewe2bargoatdairy.weebly.com Agritourism, Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Conservation Easement, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Vendor to VRFH Rio Grande Del Norte
Mariposa Ranch We raise Grass Fed Beef that are butchered as fattened two year olds with high quality marbling, flavor and tenderness. We use regenerative grazing practices to create healthy animals and landscapes. We have no hormones or antibiotics in our meat. Grass-Fed Beef Kyler & Emily Brown 11928 US HWY160, Del Norte (719) 480-9684 By Appointment GMO-Free, Humane Animal Treatment, Regenerative Rio Grande Del Norte
Off Family Ranch A Colorado Centennial farm raising grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and hormone-free natural beef, on the lush green pastures next to the Rio Grande. Beef David Off 10587 US HWY 160, Del Norte (719) 580-2387 By Appointment offfamilyranch.com Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Regenerative Rio Grande Del Norte
Rancho de Animales Rancho de Animales is a 33 year old family run business. We raise Nubian and Alpine dairy goats, using the milk for our products and showing at ADGA goat shows. We offer goat milk soaps, lotions, fudge and caramel candies. One customer, Christine, described our treats as "perfectly creamy and smooth with melt in your mouth deliciousness." To order, call or visit our website. Please call before visiting. Goat Milk Lotion, Soap, Candies, Jewelry Jeri Trujillo 39425 La Garita Drive, Del Norte (719) 850-8753 By Appointment http://www.ranchodeanimales.com Agritourism, Humane Animal Treatment Rio Grande Del Norte
Sky-Hi Ranch G r a s s - f i n i s h e d , hormone and antibiotic-free beef available throughout the year in wholes, halves, and quarters on this 75-year-old family ranch. Call or email to inquire about purchasing beef. Grass-Fed Beef Chad Cochran 499 Schutte Ln., Monte Vista (719) 480-2096 By Appointment cochranranch.com Agritourism, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Conservation Easement, GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Regenerative Rio Grande Monte Vista
Sol Mountain Farm H o m e s t e a d - s t y l e Permaculture farm growing veggies, raising heritage pigs on pasture, growing CBD Hemp, handcrafting herbal medicines, and engaging in social justice work. Vegetables, Pork, CBD Hemp, Herbal Medicines Wes, Ike, & Angela http://www.solmountainfarm.com GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Rio Grande Del Norte
Strawn Berry Farm Growing sustainable strawberries in Southern Colorado. Strawberries & Produce David Strawn 18985 Country Rd 15, Del Norte (719) 580-2501 By Appointment http://www.strawnberryfarm.com Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Organic Practices, Regenerative, Vendor to VRFH Rio Grande Del Norte
The Sauder Family Farm Cowshares. Farm fresh eggs. Fresh produce during the summer at the farm and at the Del Norte Farmers' Market. Cowshares, Eggs, Veggies Marlin Sauder La Garita Trading Post, 41605 County Rd. G, Del Norte (719) 480-1851 or (719) 754-0542 Rio Grande Del Norte
Two Creek Ranches All natural, no antibiotics, no hormones. Grass-fed Churro Sheep, Beef, and Hides. Grass-Fed Lamb & Beef John Noffsker 4300 County Rd. 29, Monte Vista (719) 649-0397 By Appointment http://www.twocreekranches.com Agritourism, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Conservation Easement, GMO-Free, Permaculture, Regenerative Rio Grande Monte Vista
Archaic Orchard We are a small, highly diversified farm and orchard that serves our local community. We also grow herbs for Lillian's A'terra Botanicals product line available through our website. Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Berries Tom McCracken PO Box 849, Crestone By Appointment http://www.greenearthfarm.com Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Permaculture, Regenerative Saguache Crestone