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“On the following pages, you will meet the farmers and ranchers who are growing locally and making their abundance available to the good people of the San Luis Valley and beyond. . .

This guide is dedicated to those who till the earth and tend the animals: to those who grow their own food and to those who grow it for others. Thank you for the bountiful harvest.”

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Bartee Ranch & Bartee Family Foods A fourth generation farm and ranch, where our mission is to be "a family oriented operation that produces high-quality products by ethically caring for the abundant resources God has given us." All of our products are homegrown and lovingly cared for using organic practices that are natural and hormone-free. To the greatest extent possible, we feed our animals the organic feeds that we raise ourselves-- thus we can ensure the highest quality food for our livestock, including chickens, pork, lamb, and beef. The eggs, lambs, and pork aspects of our farm are owned and managed by our two sons: Tyler and Kolby, who are using these ventures to build their college fund so they can contine our legacy and serve as the fifth generation to care for our land. You may purchase our products either "on the hoof" delivered to the processor of your choice or by the cut through our sister company Bartee Family Foods. We look forward to serving you! Lamb, Beef, Pork, Eggs Dale Bartee 3015 County Rd 52, Center (719) 754-2175 By Appointment http://www.barteeranchllc.com GMO-Free, Organic Practices Saguache Center
Blue Range Ranch We are a certified organic, family owned ranch that has been in operation since 1897. We are deeply committed to sustainable ranching and farming based on our values: increasing the biodiversity of our land, providing wholesome food at an affordable price, and raising our animals in a humane and loving manner. Our cattle are never confined, never fed grain or animal by products, and never given hormones. Beef George Whitten & Julie Sullivan 52501 County Road U, Saguache (719) 655-2003 Address: 52501 County Road U, Saguache By Appointment http://www.sweetgrasscoop.com Certified Organic, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Regenerative Saguache Saguache
Chokecherry Farm Ancient art apothecary, teas, tinctures, salves, living art systems, food and energy systems, designs, installations. Teas Alycia & Nick Chambers 459 Alder St., Crestone (719) 588-8245 By Appointment http://www.livingartsystems.org Vendor to VRFH Saguache Crestone
Evergreen Apiary Been keeping bees for 50 years. Don learned from La Jara's 1st beekeeping operation in the valley that was establised in 1920. Strained unfiltered raw honey, clover, and wildflower. Unconditionally guranteed satisfaction! Visits welcome. Call first. Honey, Beeswax, Pollen, Popplis Don Baker PO Box 6 / 47800 County Rd X, Saguache (719) 588-4951 By Appointment Saguache Saguache
Haugen's Mountain Grown Lamb USDA inspected, raised on natural forage, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, pesticide-free lamb. Raised by Sherry, a fifth generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. Call to purchase. Lamb Sherry Haugen 45995 County Rd J, Center (719) 754-2176 By Appointment http://www.haugenslamb.com Conservation Easement, Holistic Land Management, Vendor to VRFH Saguache Center
Heartshine Homestead A regenerative tiny-farm, we nurture vegetable and herb plant starts and produce, raise free-range eggs, bake whole-foods nutritious snacks, and create various useful arts and crafts for sale to our local community. Nourishment for mind, body, and spirit, sustainably produced in harmony with nature and lovingly shared. Our hearts shine through in all that we do! Garden Plant Starts, Garden Produce, Free-Range Eggs, Healthy Baked Goods, Arts/Crafts Deanna & Nick (970) 420-3714 By Appointment http://www.heartshinehomestead.com Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Saguache
Noble Beast Provisions Raising tender, juicy heritage pork on 500 acres of rotating pasture in the San Luis Valley. Chops, roasts, sausage and bacon! You will taste the care we put into raising happy pigs. No antibiotics. No growth hormones. Whole, halves and individual packaged cuts. Available for pick up or delivery. Heritage Pastured Pork Lana Whitten (719) 490-9283 GMO-Free, Holistic Land Management, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Vendor to VRFH Saguache
Pepper Corn Ranch, dba PCR Testing We operate a small farm that uses the homesteading model to produce food and are able to sell food we produce in excess of our homstead needs, under the guidelines of the Colorado Cottage Food Act. We sell chicken, quail and duck eggs and occasionally live rabbits, pultry and seasonal produce. Call or text to arrange to meet in Saguache for pick-up. Eggs (Chicken, Duck, & Quail) Dawn and Rick Anderson PO Box 185, Saguache (719) 655-0190 or (303) 319-0181 By Appointment www.facebook.com/PCRTrading Commercial Pesticide-Free, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Regenerative Saguache Saguache
Sundance Farm Small scale farming at its best! Offering goat dairy, poultry, eggs, rabbits, and fresh garden produce and herbs. Call to arrange for pick- up in Moffat. Veggies, Rabbits, Poultry, Eggs, Dairy Goats, CBD Products Melinda Myers (719) 256-4773 By Appointment http://www.naturessundance.com Biodynamic Practices, Commercial Pesticide-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Organic Practices, Permaculture, Regenerative Saguache Moffat
Arrowpoint Cattle Company Arrowpoint Cattle is a mom owned ranch, we believe in nurturing both our livestock and the land. We strive to produce the most delicious and nutritious beef while treating our animals with respect. Our beef is featured at the Eddyline Restaurant in BV. Grass Fed, Grass Finished Highland Beef Nancy Roberts 21900 Co Rd 196, Nathrop (303) 618-3135 http://www.arrowpointcattle.com Commercial Pesticide-Free, Holistic Land Management, Humane Animal Treatment, Regenerative Greater Foodshed Nathrop