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Sept. 16th, 2021 - LFLP Radio Show on KRZA 88.7fm
Highlighting Permaculture & Activism - Learn More »»
MoKi Seasonal Recipes Cook Book - Available Here »»

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Enjoy MoKi at the Climbing Festival in Penitente Canyon!
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New LFC Program - Local Foods, Local Places!

Many organizations and agencies in Alamosa are responding to the economic conditions and food security concerns facing many residents by increasing access to fresh, healthy food, strengthening the community's sense of place, and ultimately, enhancing the downtown area. In 2016, Alamosa requested assistance through the Local Foods, Local Places (LFLP) program to develop an action plan for promoting local food systems, and healthy, walkable, economically vibrant communities. -

Local Foods, Local Places (LFLP) is an initiative with four goals:

MoKi LFLP Crew
  1. Integrate local foods, art, music, and outdoor recreation as a community development strategy.
  2. Prioritize economic development opportunities and revitalization efforts in downtown Alamosa.
  3. Increase and strengthen food access, learning programs, and infrastructure that celebrates Alamosa's agricultural heritage.
  4. Center youth and historically underrepresented members of the community in growing the LFLP initiatives.
    MoKi - Local Food Local Places is one amazing project that does this work!

The Local Foods, Local Places Gov. Program »» is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), and the Delta Regional Authority (DRA). Alamosa was one of 23 communities across the United States selected to participate in the program in 2017. A Local Foods, Local Places Steering Committee was formed in Alamosa in preparation for this technical assistance award, and is comprised of a wide variety of community partners (see Figure 6). The Steering Committee expressed a desire to build on the communities' existing plans, which include the City of Alamosa Comprehensive (2017), the Rio Grande Farm Park Master Plan (2017), and the San Luis Valley Trails and Recreation Master Plan (2014).
View LFLP Community Action Plan for SLV »»

In their request for Local Foods, Local Places technical assistance, the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition and the Local Foods, Local Places Steering Committee named better coordination among local and regional efforts, with specific attention to strengthening the local food economy, revitalizing Main Street, increasing involvement with the local arts community, increasing attendance at existing farmers markets, increasing food access and wellness, and strengthening the community's sense of place - as primary goals. Ultimately, the City aims to achieve its goal of improving the downtown area to become the center for local foods, local arts and entertainment, business, service, historic preservation, and tourism.


Welcome to our LFLP Program Director, Abe Rosenberg!

The SLV Local Foods Coalition would like to welcome a new staff member to the team. Abe Rosenberg is a San Luis Valley native who will be supporting the Coalition as it enacts some of the strategies outlined in a recent strategic development plan for the SLV. Abe is a young farmer and local foods leader & educator who is committed to developing the Valley's local food system. Rosenberg will be serving as the LFLP Program Director to bring equitable local foods access and education to our communities. Welcome aboard Abe! -

MoKi LFLPThe activities we have been working on were first borne out of the 2017 "Local Foods, Local Places" (LFLP) community planning workshop facilitated by the USDA, EPA, DOT, and others. LFLP planning took place over several months and culminated in a strategic planning workshop on September 18th and 19th, 2017, where a diverse group of over 60 community stakeholders gathered at city hall over a two-day period to create a robust action plan around promoting local food systems and vitalizing the community via local foods, recreation, and art. With a strategic plan in place, funders such as the Colorado Health Foundation, Laura Jane Musser Fund, RSF Social Finance, and community sponsors have stepped up to support the Local Foods Coalition in performing this work.


The MoKi is Available for Catering!

Our Moki Chefs are excited to bring the Mobile Kitchen to your door! We are now offering our healthy food options to locals who may be interested in Catering Services. Call us to arrange your Social Eats Event at 719-580-5977. Our chefs will help you plan a delicious locally sourced food meal for your guests!

You can also catch MoKi at the Rio Grande Farm Park during seasonal events and around at the Local Farmer's Markets within the San Luis Valley.

MoKi Cook BookMoKi Cook Book

MoKi Seasonal Recipes Cook Book - 120 Recipes!

Local Foods, Local Places program of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition is now offering a Seasonal Recipes Cook Book featuring recipes by contributing guest chefs, MoKi Chefs and volunteers. View Book Cover »»

This is great way for anyone wanting to support the MoKi - Mobile Kitchen in its endeavors to bring healthy food options and local food demonstrations to the farmers markets of the San Luis Valley! Available at Narrow Gauge Bookstore in Alamosa or Purchase Book Online »»


What is Food, Water, Soil Asset Mapping?

Food Asset Mapping is a technique that is used to understand historic changes and shifts in food assets over time. Changes in the flow and diversity of the population impact farming, food processing and manufacturing, as well as the dynamics of the food retail environment. Food assets include the local food infrastructure that maintains food-security, and economically vibrant communities and regions. -

Assets include farms and ranches, agricultural inputs, processing and distribution capacity, food businesses, markets, retailers, kitchens, waste treatment facilities, emergency food distribution. They also include non-physical assets such as markets, available funding, investment opportunities, services, and technical assistance support. Unlike many previous food asset mapping exercises, it is critical in Colorado and the San Luis Valley to consider natural resource assets, particularly water, which may limit potential opportunities or put other food assets at risk.

Our Water Asset Mapper is Doing Great Work!
The San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition and CSU are partnering on a Colorado water plan grant to research opportunities for economic investment in the face of water shortages and curtailment. The project has hired water asset mapper, Glen Miller, Valley-native and forester, to do the important work of researching physical and non-material assets which might contribute to economic growth and sustainability. Read more about Glen's project work »»


Local Food Resource - Valley Roots Food Hub

Be sure to visit the Valley Roots Food Hub page to learn more about how you can benefit from local foods with CSA and Online Food Ordering for retail and wholesale along with use of the Colorado SNAP Program & Benefits, Double Up Foods Bucks, and Pandemic EBT.

Be on the look out for Farmers Markets opening soon!
Locator Map of CO Farmers Markets »»

LFLP Radio ShowLFLP Radio Show

LFC - LFLP Monthly Radio Show featured on KRZA 88.7fm

We are excited to share our new radio show organized by our Show Manager, Abe Rosenberg!

Tune In from 8:30-9am every third Thursday of the month for the Local Food, Local Places Radio Show »» We will post all shows on our website including past shows for you to listen to at your convenience. Visit LFLP Radio Show page »»

This innovative radio show will highlight the SLV Local Foods Coalition's local food efforts, community, various projects and programs, events, and more! Our coalition programs are core to connecting local foods, local places, and local people of the San Luis Valley and beyond. LFC projects and programs such as Cooking Matters, Rio Grande Farm Park, Valley Roots Food Hub, Farm to School, MoKi, and the Local Roots Guide are essential to promoting the LFC's mission to foster an equitable local food system.

September 16th, 2021 - LFLP Radio Show by Abe Rosenberg
Highlighting Permaculture & Activism
Featuring Abe Rosenberg, SLVLFC Local Foods, Local Places Program Director


Program History - Healthy Habits & MoKi Integrate into LFLP Program!

SLV Healthy Habits program & MoKi (Mobile Kitchen) has been a project of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition with the goal to promote a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and other healthy local foods. Healthy Habits education program (SNAP-Ed) grew out of a collaborative of dedicated community members that has promoted access to healthy, seasonally fresh produce in the San Luis Valley since 1996. -

MoKi Habits CrewPart of this collaborative effort has included working with Livewell Colorado team to bring Double Up Food Bucks to Colorado for Colorado grown produce purchases and providing MoKi Demonstrations (Mobile Kitchen) during the growing season at the SLV Farmers Market highlighting the delicious spectrum of local produce available in the San Luis Valley. The Double Up Snap Produce Bucks were implemented for use at the Alamosa Farmers Market, Fourth Street Food Store in Saguache and the previous Alamosa Valley Food Co-op. LFC is proud to be a participating Advocate in informing and guiding Double Up Food Bucks outreach strategies in Alamosa and surrounding communities.

Going forward, in 2017 and 2018 the stakeholders worked on a strategic plan to invigorate our economy with a "Taste of Place" where tourists and local families can enjoy the taste of our regional farm produce on their plates when they dine. This began the arrival of LFLP and for 2 days in September of 2017, a workshop was organized to invite the community for input into this new valuable program. The Local Food Local Places plan ended up with 18 strategies, #1 of which was to vitalize our downtown with the story of the food on the plate as it relates to our agricultural region. We also have several others goals to support the Alamosa Farmers Market, walking and biking, local art and local music and recreational activities. We held a workshop at the Alamosa City Council Chambers on Wednesday February 27th, 2019 for a convening of Alamosa restaurant owners and Alamosa Local Foods Local Places Stakeholders to explore the topic of Alamosa as a destination community known for its farm to table, local "terroir" - the characteristic taste and flavor of our region expressed in our restaurants.
View LFLP Community Action Plan for SLV »»   View LFLP Workshop Info »»

Local Foods Local Places MoKi Highlights - Summer 2019

Here are some highlights from the 2019 summer with Local Foods Local Places. The MoKi, mobile kitchen is used to prepare local foods in the San Luis Valley using ingredients sourced from local farms.

SLV Colorado Proud School Meal Day 2019

Three schools from the San Luis Valley are featured in this video for their efforts on Colorado Proud School Meal Day. Ortega Middle School, Sangre de Cristo school District, and South Conejos School District.
View Article written by Abe Rosenberg sharing this experience »»   View Event Photos »»

"Eating is an Agricultural Act." - Wendell Berry

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