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Local Roots Guide

The SLV Local Roots Guide 3rd edition is a resource guide of locally grown food in the 6 counties of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado that is sold locally. Mineral county is included in the Greater Foodshed section with other nearby Valley county areas.

slv valley ranchers  The star icon indicates that the landowners have protected their land with a conservation easement, conserving the land and water for the future of local foods, wildlife habitat and the scenic landscapes of the San Luis Valley.

 The numbered circles locate those farms and ranches in this Buy Local directory listing who welcome your visit to their place. Please look for the corresponding number in the listings and match it to the Producer's Location Map »»

The round orange icons represent the Producer's self-reported practices and should be verified by relationship with your grower or Food Hub.


Bio-Dynamic Practices

Certified Organic

Commercial Pesticide-Free

Fair Labor Practices


Grown in Living Soil

Holistic Land Management

Humane Animal Treatment

Organic Practices


Vender to Valley Roots Food Hub

The "Find on this page" button at page top can help you locate Producers by doing a keyword search.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture allows individuals and families to buy a share of the Farmer's Harvest at the beginning of the season. It is a way to nourish farmers economically while providing a weekly box of farm fresh goodies to the CSA Member throughout the growing season.

ALAMOSA COUNTY - Alamosa, Hooper, Mosca

Absmeier High Altitude Garlic
garlic, garlic seeds

At 7551 feet above sea level, mild summers and winter temperatures that can get 30 below zero for days at a time, you might wonder how garlic can survive. We offer 7 varieties of hardneck garlic, both as seed (for planting your own garlic) and food (for cooking), which include Krasnodar White, Georgian Fire, German Extra Hardy, Armenian, Leah, Chesnok Red, and Purple Glazer. Once we've harvested the end of July and allowed the garlic to cure, it will be ready for sale the middle of September. The shelf life is quite long and we usually have garlic available until the end of March.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Beth Quinlan
Phone: 719-589-6994
Address: - 11319 County Rd. 5 S, Alamosa
Location Map - Website

Brown's Ranch
alfalfa, beef, boer goats, lamb

Natural Boer goats, lamb and beef. Small bales of alfalfa available. Call the ranch.

Contact: Mark Brown
Phone: 719-588-1551
Address: 4469 N County Rd. 109, Mosca
Location Map - Email

Colorado Gators
tilapia fish, vegetables

An 87° geothermal well creates "an integrated ecosystem" providing fresh tilapia fish and farm goods and real educational fun while making full use of natural and recycled resources.

Hours: Spring and Fall 9am-5pm, Summer 9am-6pm, Winter 10am-4pm
Contact: Jay Young
Phone: 719-378-2612
Address: 9162 County Road 9 N, Mosca
Location Map - Website - Email

Colorado Mushroom Farm

Producing fresh White, Crimini, Portabella mushrooms in the San Luis Valley. Production of fresh daily picked mushrooms is a 365 day/year operation. Employing 120 local people year round. We produce our own compost from byproducts of other commodities including wheat straw, chicken waste, gypsum, cotton seed meal, peat moss, and sugar beet lime to produce our fresh mushrooms.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Contact: Tiffanee Ross
Phone: 719-589-5882
Address: 10719 County Rd. 5 S, Alamosa
Location Map - Email

Green Acres Hemp Farm

Industrial hemp farm exploring beneficial uses of hemp for the community. CBD-infused olive oil supplements, lotions, lip balms.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Jim and Lisa Strang
Phone: 941-782-7307 or 313-407-1695
Address: 6344 County Rd. 116 S, Alamosa
Location Map - Website - Email

I Choose Organics Family Farm

Organic vegetables, canned goods.

Contact: Jason & Paloma Mestas
Phone: 719-480-2112 or 719-480-2113
Address: 13110 South County Road 13.7, P.O. Box 976, Alamosa, CO 81101
Website - Email

Jones Farms Organics
hay, potatoes, wheat

Third generation farmers raising Certified Organic potatoes and wheat. Call for information.

Contact: Rob & Beth Jones
Phone: 719-378-2299
Address: 11221 E. County Road 110 N, Hooper

KW Farms
beef, lamb pork

John and Trudy raise USDA Certified Organic grass-fed beef. No grains, no harmones, no antibiotics. As John says, "We love the cows, nothing else we do is as much fun." Call for information and to purchase beef. They also carry Salazar pork and Miller lamb.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: John & Trudy Kretsinger
Phone: 719-589-0429
Address: 7725 County Rd. 1 S, Alamosa
Location Map - Website - Email

Lenore's Speltlicious Cookies
baked goods, cookies

Delicious spelt cookies made locally of healthy ingredients—Spelt Flour and no wheat. Available at local stores or call to order. Enjoy!

Contact: Lenore Reinhart
Phone: 719-588-9329

Sea of S.A.G.E.
Stabilized Agro Environments
dairy goats, vegetables

Year-round vegetable growing in passive solar greenhouses, greenhouse design and construction. Sometimes dairy goats for sale. A Limited Partnership Association.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Friend Darr
Phone: 719-486-6326
Mailing Address: PO Box 1366
Physical Address: 998 County Rd. 112 S, Alamosa
Location Map - Email

Tierra Sana Organic Produce by Antonio Garcia
garlic, spinach, vegetables

Organic high-altitude practices with native non-GMO San Luis Valley seeds. Cooperative Rio Grande park farmer and at-home gardener, with various veggies including heirloom spinach and garlic.

Contact: Antonio or Sandy Garcia
Phone: 719-589-8381 or 719-588-8195
Address: Rio Grande Farm Park, Alamosa
Location Map - Email

Valley Mama CSA
vegetables, CSA

Will be at Alamosa Farmers Market. Each week of the growing season. I send out an email with what is available in the box that week and how much it is, and my customers get back to me with their order. One pick-up day a week at my house.

Hours: Seasonally, By Appointment
Contact: Allison Cruse
Phone: 719-589-2911
Address: 8125 South River Rd., Alamosa

Valley Pheasants
eggs, turkeys

Heritage Turkeys, Poultry Turkeys and eggs naturally raised on the pasture to increase omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A&D. Local feed from Circle K Mill who sources locally as possible.

Contact: Cathy Morin
Phone: 719-589-0409
Phone: 3787 Road 12 South, Alamosa

White Mountain Farm
quinoa, potatoes, vegetables

Certified organic quinoa and potatoes, and organically grown garden produce in the summer. Available through the Mosca Pit Stop and the Valley Roots Food Hub.

Contact: Paul & Ernie New
Phone: 719-378-2345
Address: Mosca Pit Stop Hwy 17, Mosca
Location Map - Website

Simply Honey
beeswax, honey

As a 6th generation migratory beekeeper, Brent harvests honey, beeswax, sells bees and provides pollination services. Available in local stores!

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Brent Edelen
Phone: 719-850-0255
Address: 6204 Harmony Rd., Alamosa
Website - Email

CONEJOS COUNTY - Antonito, Bountiful, La Jara, Manassa, Romeo, Sanford

Bountiful Ventures, LLC
(formerly Buhr Cattle)
beef, pork, vegetables

Natural Berkshire pork and grass-fed beef. Non-GMO feed, no antibiotics or growth hormones, humanely raising. Seasonal peppers, organic practices.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Contact: Mitchell and Jocelyn Buhr
Phone: 719-580-2098
Address: 14859 County Rd. T, Bountiful
Location Map - Website - Email

Cactus Hill Farm
hay, lamb, vegetables

Grass-fed naturally raised lamb and other great products like fiber and quality hay raised on multi-generational family farm. Call and leave message or email farm for information.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Elena Miller
Phone: 719-849-9164
Address: 20566 County Rd. 9, La Jara
Location Map - Website - Email

Jack Rabbit Hollow Farm
eggs, compost, milk, vegetables

Organic veggies and handcrafted goods from the farm. Fresh chicken and duck eggs from happy, healthy, loved birds. Cow milk shares seasonally. Manure for fertilizer composted and uncomposted. Order from Abe, VRFH, Farmers Markets, retail carriers such as Valley FoodCoop and Elephant Cloud Market.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Abe Rosenberg
Phone: 719-480-4911
Address: PO Box 13, 773 River Ranch Rd., Antonito
Location Map - Website - Email

Lionel & Michelle Valdez

Range fed lamb "on the hoof" or delivered for packing. Herd returns from the mountains in mid-September. Place order by September 1st.

Contact: Lionel & Michelle Valdez
Phone: 719-274-5822
Address: 10418 County Rd. Y, La Jara
Location Map

Nitschka Ter Kuile & Steve Miller
beef, cheese, goat, milk, vegetables, CSA

Honoring the relationship between goats, good soil and healthy produce, Nitschka and Steve have CSAs available for goat milk and cheese products. Grass-fed beef halves and quarters available to reserve.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Nitschka ter Kulie and Steve Miller
Phone: 719-588-6621
Address: 9790 County Rd. Y, La Jara
Location Map - Email

Salazar Natural Meats
beef, pork, sausage

Salazar Natural Meats is committed to providing highquality, humanely raised beef and pork to Colorado and northern New Mexico. As one of the few on-farm, USDA inspected meat processing facilities in the country, we are able to control the process from start to finish. Our 100% grassfed/grass-finished beef and free-roaming, heritage (Berkshire) hogs are guaranteed to meet certain quality standards. We ARE the butchers who make the final call on whether a carcass is "steak quality" or "sausage quality"

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Lucas Salazar
Phone: 719-580-5264
Address: 20740 County Rd. M, Manassa
Website - Email

Tamale Connection

True Southwest foods available through the Valley Roots Food Hub.

Contact: Wayne Garcia
Phone: 719-588-8245
Address: 217 Main St., Antonito

COSTILLA COUNTY - Blanca, Chama, Fort Garland, San Luis

The Mountain Shepherdesses
beans, garlic, lamb, pork, seeds

We are certified organic on a beautiful ranch in the Ventero of San Luis.

Contact: Suzanne Sanford
Phone: 719-588-8732

Rio Culebra Cooperative
beans, beef, corn chicos, peas alberjon maduros

Frozen grass-fed beef raised without harmones, antibiotics or corn, and butchered less than one year old. Beef is tender and delicious. Also heirloom products, Chicos del Horno (white corn cooked in an horno and dried), Bolita Beans unique to the San Luis Valley, and Haba Beans (dried lava beans) and a small crop of alberjon madura (dried ripened peas).

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
Contact: Bernadette Lucero
Phone: 719-672-0329 or 719-588-9194
Address: 401 Church Place or PO Box 292, San Luis
Location Map - Website - Email

Ute Mountain Ranch
baked goods, bread, beef, eggs, pork, soil-compost

Home to Heaven Scent Bread & West's Best Beef & West's Best Soil and Compost. The heart of a family farm thriving, as Kelly West says, "in culture of gratitude". Find Kelly's artisanal bread at the Valley Food Co-op and Taos Farmer's Market. Call to order grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef or soil and compost.

Contact: Kelly & David West
Phone: 719-672-4404 or for Soil and Compost call David 575-770-8841

RIO GRANDE COUNTY - Center, Del Norte, Monte Vista, South Fork

Ab Yoder
eggs, tomatoes

Fresh eggs, tomatoes in season, we are pesticide-free, gmo-free. We plant in coconut core due to high salt content in soil.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Ab Yoder
Phone: 719-852-2117
Address: 5190 E County Rd. 8 S, Monte Vista
Location Map

Cochran Ranch

Grain or grass finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef available throughout the year in wholes, halves and quarters on this 75 year old family ranch. Call or come by the ranch to purchase beef.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Chad Cochran
Phone: 719-480-2096
Address: 499 Schutte Ln., Monte Vista
Location Map - Website - Email

Gosar Ranch Natural Foods and Mountain Mama Milling
flour, grains, pork sausage, poultry-chicken sausage

Producing 100% stone ground, high protein whole-wheat Mountain Mama brand flour, freshly milled to order since 1977 using locally grown bread and pastry wheats, transitional or certified when available. Also, sixth generation producers of gourmet European-style sausage, hand-made in pork or chicken, USDA inspected daily, available in most regional, independent food stores and many restaurants.

Hour: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Contact: Kris, Greg, Jesue
Phone: 719-852-2133 or 719-580-5096

Graber's Produce and Worth the Drive Family Bakery
baked goods, bread, tomatoes, vegetables

Our flavorful, non- GMO, pesticide-free, big Dena tomatoes are better than what you can find in the grocery store. Grown in our off-the-grid greenhouse. Our fresh baked goods are well worth the drive. Free coffee and donuts while supplies last. Limit one per customer. Famous jalapeno cheese bread, cinnamon rolls, but we specialize in Amish fry pies.

Hour: Summer Tue-Fri 7am-5pm
Winter Thu-Fri 9am-4pm
Contact: Allen and Irene Graber
Phone: 719-852-0967
Address: 5115 E County Rd. 9 South, Monte Vista
Location Map

Grand Island Bison
bison, buffalo

A happy herd of buffalo, wandering the pastures from birth to harvest producing delicious harmone-free lean meat. Various cuts, roasts, and ground meat available, also whole, halves, and quarters.

Contact: Kevin Off
Phone: 719-657-3439
Address: 0892 County Rd. 14, Del Norte
Location Map

Grande Natural Meats
game meat, pasture meat, bear, bison, boar, buffalo, deer, elk, goat, rabbit, venison, pet food

Natural meat distributor of several varieties, including jerkies and burgers/steaks. We also ship hunter's meat frozen. Our network of ranches is pasture-raised, no hormones.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Contact: Rich Forest
Phone: 719-657-0942 or 888-338-4581
Address : 19612 W Hwy 160, Del Norte
Location Map - Website - Email

LazEwe 2 Bar Goat Dairy
aged, cheeses, goat chevre, feta, yak, sheep manchego, milk shares

A Colorado Centennial Ranch producing farmstead goat, cow, sheep and yak cheeses through sustainable land management practices located between Del Norte and Southfork. The ranche's pastures are managed without synthetic herbicides, pesticides or insecticides. The animals graze the seasonally flood irrigated fields during the late spring and summer. During the winter, they are sheltered and fed ranchraised hay.

The fifth generation Knoblauch Family raises steroid, hormone and antibiotic free animals on the ranch where the dairy is located and the cheeses are handcrafted, perfectly fitting the definition of farmstead production. Are well-known for chevre and feta goat cheeses are available in many stores across the Valley and the state.

Its cow, sheep and yak cheeses are reserved for sale at farmers' markets and at the ranch, which is open to tours and cheese sampling. The dairy also offers a raw cow and goat milkshare program. Milkshare programs offer individuals the opportunity to buy into the herd and, as a result, they are provided with weekly raw milk.

In 2012, the ranch combined resources with the Rio Grande Dairy to include raw cow milk and to supply more customers in the Valley and throughout the San Juan Mountains. Call to visit.

Contact: Jenny Knoblauch
Phone: 719-850-9914 or 719-937-1565
Address: 10530 County Road 15, Del Norte
Website - Email

Off Family Ranch

A Colorado Centennial farm raising grass-fed and finished, antibiotic and harmone-free natural beef on the lush green pastures next to the Rio Grande.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: David Off
Phone: 719-580-2387
Address: 10587 US Hwy 160, Del Norte
Location Map - Website - Email

Rio Grande Dairy & Creamery
eggs, goat

Goat Shares and Eggs. Planning to add more items in the future.

Contact: Mollie Wells
Phone: 719-850-0549
Address: 10530 County Rd. 15, Del Norte
Website - Email

Seven L Diamond Ranch
beef, lamb, rabbit, hay

Fryer or live rabbits available. Call for availability of hay.

Contact: Pete & Leah Clark
Phone: 719-850-2720, 719-849-8223 or 719-852-5625
Address: 3693 S County Rd. E, Monte Vista

Shady Corner Delight
jam, jelly

Homemade jams and jellies. Find them at the local Farmers' Market or on the corner of 370 and 5 East, South of Monte Vista.

Contact: Rachel Nissley
Phone: 719-852-0223
Address: On the corner of 370 and 5 E, Monte Vista
Location Map

Sol Mountain Farm
eggs, pork, vegetables

Permaculture Beyond 100% Organic Pestcide Free, No Till, Pasture raised animals, humanely raised animals, GMO-free, Holistic Land Management.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Wesley O'Rourke
Phone: 719-580-4863
Address: 440 Valley View Dr., South Fork
Location Map - Email

Three Guys Farms
bakery goods, eggs, hay, vegetables

We are the Three Guys from Ukraine building a farm business bringing fresh produce, pasture-raised pork, delicious and yummy pastries to our community.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Alex Notov
Phone: 719-992-0225
Address: 1335 US Hwy 285, Monte Vista
Location Map - Website - Email

Two Creek Ranches
eggs, beef, churro sheep, hides

All natural, no antibiotics, no harmones. Churro Sheep, Beef and Hides. Eggs from free range chickens.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: John Noffsker
Phone: 719-649-0397 or 719-852-5460
Address: 4300 County Rd. 29, Monte Vista
Website - Email

SAGUACHE COUNTY - Bonanza, Center, Crestone, La Garita, Moffat, Saguache, Villa Grove, Sargeants

Archaic Orchard
fruit, herbs, vegetables, CSA, U-pick

Multiple varieties of fruit trees, peaches, apricots, pear, plum, cherry, apples, raspberries, strawberries, asparagus, gogi, elderberry, mulberry, herbal plants, garlic, heirloom peas, blue sweet corn, potatoes, sweet potato squash, cherokee tomatoes, bolita and anasazi beans. U-pick and CSA available. Call us for directions to our farms.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Tom McCracken
Phone: 303-550-3595 or 719-655-2655
Address: Crestone & Moffat - Call for directions
Location Map - Website - Email

Bartee Ranch
eggs, beef, hay, lamb

Natural harmone-free custom-finished on-the-hoof, homegrown on Bartee's Ranch straight to your kitchen. Will deliver to butcher. Eggs and Lambs help support sons college fund.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Deanna Bartee
Phone: 719-754-2175
Address: 3015 County Rd. 52, Center
Website - Email

Blue Range Ranch

We are a certified organic, family owned ranch that has been in operation since 1897. We are deeply committed to sustainable ranching and farming based on our values: increasing the bio-diversity of our land, providing wholesome food at an affordable price, and raising our animals in a humane and loving manner. Our cattle are never confined, never fed grain or animal byproducts, and never given hormones.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: George Whitten or Julie Sullivan
Phone: 719-655-2003
Address: 52501 County Rd. U, Saguache
Location Map - Website - Email

Cho Ku Rei Ranch
compost, eggs, hay, yak

Raising free-range brown eggs and Tibetan Yak utilizing the Ranch's natural resources as well as a 6500 sq ft greenhouse supported by alternative energy. Offering organic compost for sale.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Contact: Kyle Grote
Phone: 719-256-4599
Address: 61187 County Rd. T, Moffat
Location Map - Website - Email

Chokecherry Farm

Ancient art apothecary, teas, tinctures, salves, living art systems, food and energy systems, designs, installations.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Alycia & Nick Chambers
Phone: 719-256-5572
Address: 459 Alder St., Crestone

Evergreen Apiary
beeswax, honey

Been keeping bees for 50 years, learned from La Jara's 1st beekeeping operation in the valley in 1920. Unprocessed raw honey, clover and wildflower. Visits welcome! Call first.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Don Baker
Phone: 719-588-4951
Address: 47800 County Road X (Moffat Road), Saguache
Location Map

Frontier Trout Ranch
fertilizer, trout

Frontier Trout Ranch raises hearty, healthy and happy Rainbow, Cutthroat, German Brown and Brook trout - available as fresh -never frozen whole-gutted, butterfly fillets, and fillets to restaurants, retailers, and consumers across Colorado. Our fish is antibiotic, hormone, and gluten free. Call to visit us and purchase trout straight from the ranch!

Hours: Thu-Fri 9am-5pm
Contact: Kermit Krantz
Phone: 913-226-7557
Address: 46301 County Rd. N, Saguache
Location Map - Website - Email

Haugen's Mountain Lamb

USDA inspected, raised on natural forage, antibiotic-free, harmone-free, and pesticide-free lamb. Raised by Sherry, a fifth generation rancher in the San Luis Valley. Call to purchase.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Sherry Haugan
Phone: 719-754-2176
Address: 45995 County Rd. J, Center
Location Map - Website - Email

JB Farms and Colorado Specialty Potatoes

Located in the heart of Colorado's San Luis Valley, at an altitude of 7,500 feet, we have optimal growing conditions which ensure superior vitamin and other nutrient values for our complete line of unique potatoes. Specialty potatoes offer something new and exciting for everyone. Restaurants love the ability to create interesting, nontraditional dishes. Consumers enjoy something out of the ordinary for the table, and cooking aficionados can offer innovative and tasty creations. Look to us as your Specialty Potato Expert.

Hours: Call
Contact: Pam Vogel, Jan
Phone: 719-754-3219 or 719-588-3012

Mudita Camel Dairy
dairy, chocolate, milk, soap

Mudita means our happiness comes from your happiness (Sanskrit). Husband and wife duo who operate a camel dairy here in the SLV. We also offer farm tours and wonderful chocolates and soaps made from the milk from our camels. Meghan is also a fiber artist working with our camel fiber making hats, knitted items and so much more.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Megan and Adam Stalzer
Phone: 303-550-1482
Address: 26132 Hammond Ave., Moffat
Location Map - Website - Email

Red Starr Microfarm
baked goods, chicken, dairy goats, vegetables, catering

Chickens, Dairy Goats and Organic Gardens.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Lynette & Scott Tieder
Phone: 719-256-5879
Address: 164 Wagon Wheel Rd., Crestone

Rockey Farm
potatoes, seeds

Specialty potatoes in 50 lb. bags. Also certified seed packets.

Contact: Sheldon or Brendon Rockey
Phone: 719-754-3744
Address: 48444 County Rd. C, Center

The Sauder Family Farm
cowshares, eggs, vegetables

Cowshares. Fresh farm eggs. Fresh produce during the Summer at the farm and at Del Norte Farmers' Market.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Marlin Sauder
Phone: 719-754-0542 or 719-480-1851
Address: 9100 County Rd. 45, Center

Shangrilah Greenhouse Construction and Milkyway Mountain Caprines
dairy goats, milk, manure

Milkyway Mountain Caprines is the culmination of 22 years of goat husbandry for Heather D'Alessia, who raises dairy goats in response to a deep personal calling. The farm has non-transferable shares available for purchase, the benefits of which include a weekly ration of raw milk, caprine friendship, and manure for your garden. Goats are also available for sale each Fall.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Nathan Good
Phone: 719-256-4768 or 719-588-1067
Website - Email

Sundance Farms
eggs, rabbits, poultry, vegetables

Small scale farming at its best, offering rabbits, poultry, eggs, and fresh garden produce. Call to arrange for pick-up in Moffat, CO.

Contact: Melinda Myers
Phone: 719-256-4773
Address: Moffat

Tortilleria La Unica
corn tortillas, flour tortillas

Handmade flour and corn tortillas. Deliver throughout the SLV.

Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 9am-3pm
Contact: Martine Palma
Phone: 719-754-3772
Address: 267 Worth St., Center

GREATER FOODSHED: Chaffee County - Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, Salida
Fremont County - Howard     Mineral County - Creede     Pueblo County - Avondale

Don't Go Nuts
snacks, packaged foods

Don't Go Nuts creates foods that are nut-free, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO and kosher-dairy. Current products include six snack bars and five roasted soybean spreads. Our products are differentiated by our ingredients and by our Field to Fingers Process & Facility, which ensure our foods are safely nut free and gluten free. Two of our snack bars feature a blend of alfalfa and clover honey from a local fourth generation beekeeping family, Beekeeper's Honey Boutique.

Contact: Customer Care Director
Phone: 855-666-8826
Address: PO Box 927, Salida
Website - Email

Seasons Cafe

Seasons Cafe is proud to support our local food producers with our farm to table brunch cafe using local, organic, fair trade, or non-GMO ingredients. Come join us at our NEW location on the banks of the mighty Arkansas River.

Hours: Wed-Mon 7am-2pm
Phone: 719-530-9524
Address: 300 W Sackett Ave., Salida

Vino Salida Wine Bar & Tasting Room

Lovingly crafted wine and mead reflecting the local spirit of community and fun! 20+ varieties including Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Syrah and more. Wine tasting and tours, local music acts, non-alcoholic beverages, patio games, private parties, special events, membership discounts and more.

Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm
Contact: Steve Flynn or Jessica Shook
Phone: 719-539-6299
Address: 10495 County Rd. 120, Poncha Springs
Location Map - Website

Weathervane Farm
vegetables, CSA

Weathervane Farm operates on seven acres of river bottom land along Cottonwood Creek near Buena Vista, CO. A mix of vegetables are produced and sold primarily at local farmers markets, a CSA share program, restaurants and natural food stores.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Caitlin Roberts
Phone: 719-395-8356
Address: 29135 County Rd. 31, Buena Vista
Location Map - Website - Email Caitlin or Email Seth

Ring a Ding Farms
lettuce, vegetables

The only lettuce producers in what used to be the largest producing region in the country.

Contact: Adam Ring

Farm Direct Organic Seed
open-pollinated seeds, garlic, shallots, flower, herb, vegetables

Farm Direct Organic Seed is owned and operated by Hobbs Family Farm. We are located in southeastern Colorado in one of the prime seed production regions of the world. Our arid climate, mineral-rich soils, clean irrigation water, hot days and cool nights lends to exceptionally high quality seeds. We grow certified organic garlic, shallots, and open pollinated vegetable, flower and herb seeds for farmers and gardeners. We select varieties for suitability to organic systems, drought hardiness, storage, early maturation, and specialty markets. We also work with several other experienced seed growers in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico to manage isolation distances and expand our offerings.

Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Dan Hobbs
Phone: 719-250-9835
Address: PO Box 411, Avondale
Website - Email

4UR Ranch
guest ranch

The 4UR's Colorado guest ranch has it all, and then some. Natural historic hot springs. A highly personalized horseback riding program. And, miles of private tailwater and Rio Grande fly fishing. Whether you seek the finest Colorado fly fishing vacation, a truly memorable horseback riding vacation, or just perfect solitude in the Rocky Mountains, this magical luxury guest resort will exceed your expectations in every way. Gourmet farm to table cuisine is provided by Chef Wray Warner, including fresh garden vegetables grown at the Ranch.

Hours: June 1-Oct 1 8am-5pm
Contact: Aaron Christensen
Phone: 719-658-2202
Address: 1.0 Goose Creek Rd., Creede
Location Map - Website - Email

"Eating is an Agricultural Act." - Wendell Berry

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